Diagnostic Instruction Center

For over 30 years, the Diagnostic Instruction Center (DIC) has provided individual Education Plans to accommodate the specific learning needs of students in first through twelfth grades.

Special Class Placement
Special class placement is available for a limited number of students who have professionally diagnosed learning differences. Class size is limited to ten students per class period. All classes are taught by highly qualified educators who are trained and certified to meet the diverse and unique needs of their students.

Special class placement includes an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that specifies annual goals, as well as short-term objectives. At the elementary level, the goals are based on needed academic skills; while at the secondary level, the goals are based on needed academic skills within the framework of required academic courses. A variety of methods including individual instruction, small group instruction, multi sensory units, textbooks, iPads, SmartBoards, and project-based learning emphasize the mastery of concepts.

Each IEP states the necessary accommodations for a student's successful completion of regular, mainstream classes. Special class placement is available in the following academic areas: Language Arts (Elementary), English (Secondary), and Math (Elementary and Secondary).

504 Accommodations
A 504, which is similar to an IEP, is available for those students who do not need special class placement, but do have professionally diagnosed learning differences. A 504 documents needed accommodations which may include: extended time on exams, testing in a non-distracting environment, copies of instructor's notes, a peer note-taker, or preferential seating.

Study Lab
Study Lab is an elective class available for students sixth through twelfth grades. The purpose of Study Lab is to provide a daily opportunity for structured study time with assistance as needed. It takes the place of one elective in a student's daily schedule.

The use of an agenda is stressed in each Study Lab class to teach and develop organizational skills. Class time can be used to review concepts; however the structure of Study Lab does not accommodate individual tutoring. Study Lab may also be used to complete exams from other classes - a student may complete the exam in Study Lab or be excused to the specific teacher's classroom. Study Lab is limited to ten students per class period to enable the teacher to best meet the needs of each student.

Book Club
Book Club is an elementary school level program providing remediation or reinforcement of academic skills in a small class setting. Students meet daily to enhance reading or other academic skills. Diagnostic testing is not required for enrollment and participation is at the request of the student's teacher and parents.

Other DIC Services
After School Tutoring
Speech and Language Therapy

Occupational Therapy
Psycho-Educational Testing

Please Note
Due to the customized nature of each program, the limited class size, and the specialization of the subject matter, additional fees are associated with the services offered through the Diagnostic Instruction Center.

2016 - 2017


Study Lab $1,325.00 --
DIC Class Placement by
Subject (1st - 12th grades)
 $1,700.00 --
 504 Accommodations $650.00 -- 
Monthly Book Club Fee $110.00 --
Study Lab Discount
(if also taking DIC Class or
Monitoring IEP)

For more information about the Diagnostic Instruction Center or any additional services available, please contact Nancy Stubblefield at nstubblefield@metroca.com. She would be happy to share more about our specialized academic services.

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