Dynamic economic and social landscapes demand that students are prepared to think critically, adapt readily, learn new technologies efficiently, communicate effectively, and persevere through difficulties.  With the future in mind, the Marymount Middle School brings students into the heart of 21st Century education, blending core content with inquiry-based learning, promoting leadership and collaboration through Advisory and Elective programs, infusing each class with purpose-driven technologies, and emphasizing core values.


With emphasis on inquiry and multi-media presentation, students delve into geology, oceanography, heredity, cellular biology, bio-chemical processes, human anatomy, physics, and chemistry.  Supported by the tech department, students learn to adeptly wield applications and presentation formats to communicate understanding.  Hands-on learning outside the classroom, including trips to Arroyo Hondo, UCSB Materials Department, Catalina, Monterey, and Costa Rica excite student learning experientially.


English classes compel students to participate in analytical and subjective discussions about contemporary issues; read critically; support written and spoken ideas with evidence from history, literature, and experience; and develop greater understanding and respect for others’ perspectives. Literary works are chosen for their thematic concerns, namely themes that incite the reader to consider his or her own experience or society and historical context. Opportunities abound to hone creative expression through poetry and prose and to deepen understanding of the writing process.


Through a balance of historical inquiry, lectures, primary sources, and textbook lessons, students study ancient cultures, world civilizations, and United States history. Students access a wealth of historical content, while examining common themes that run through historical eras, geographies, and societies. Emphasis on close reading techniques and study skills helps develop student readiness for high school and beyond.


Infused with technology, multi-modality learning, and Singapore depth, Marymount Middle School develops students’ conceptual foundations and procedural competencies in Algebra and, for some students, in Geometry, through leveled math courses, designed to meet the varied skills and aptitudes of middle school students. Nearly all Marymount math students matriculate to Honors Geometry or Algebra 2 in 9th grade.


Marymount students take Spanish from the Junior Kindergarten to 8th grade. Students who enter Marymount in Middle School with limited to no exposure to Spanish have the opportunity to learn Spanish through leveled class offerings. The instructor blends conversational, multi-media, and textbook learning to ignite student fluency and understanding of cultural traditions from Spain and Latin America.

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