Our Mission

Marymount of Santa Barbara is an independent school for children from age 4 through grade 8 that places equal value on the intellectual, social-emotional, and ethical dimensions of learning to prepare bright, confident, and caring young people for the next adventures of their lives.

Our Vision

At Marymount, creative, enthusiastic, and inspiring teachers engage students in their learning, challenge them to do their best, and provide the nurturing and support they need to succeed. We teach kids how to think, not what to think. Students find a joy in learning that stays with them throughout their lives.

Children learn best in an environment where it’s safe to learn. We stay attuned to students’ social and emotional lives and growth, and create an environment where they are known and cared for. They feel safe to try new things, take appropriate risks, and both make and learn from the mistakes that are such a vital part of learning.

Marymount students are grounded. Educators model ethical behavior, stay alert to teachable moments, and encourage children to show kindness and empathy in their interactions with others. Conflicts get resolved in humane and compassionate ways. Our one-of-a-kind World Religions program helps students explore good behavior through many lenses, appreciate difference, and shape their moral identity. We plant the seeds of ethical practice and nourish its growth.

Aristotle said, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” We agree. At Marymount we focus on the different ways children learn; on what knowledge, skills, and experiences they gain; on how they feel about themselves and others; and on how to act as responsible young people concerned not just about their own growth, but about the well-being of others.
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2130 Mission Ridge Road | Santa Barbara, CA 93103
T. 805-569-1811 F. 805-569-0573

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