Theater is a part of life at Marymount. From the earliest grades, students are exposed to the dramatic arts on a regular basis, whether through trips to local theaters or through regular school assemblies featuring professional actors, singers, and dancers.  Theater games and improvisation are introduced in the primary grades and continue through Middle School.  Traditionally, kindergarten and grade one produce their own shows at year’s end.  The 2nd and 3rd grades are prominently featured in the school’s annual Christmas pageant.  The 4th grade puts on a California History play for their lower school mates and parents, while the 5th grade puts on a full scale play with sets, and props, lighting, and sound.

The joy of music is palpable at Marymount and permeates every aspect of our lives.  An integral part of the curriculum in grades JK-5, music classes inspire an appreciation of poetry, harmony, rhythm, movement, and all genres of vocal music and instruments from the simplest to the most complex.  It is through our music program just as much as on the playing field that Marymount instills the value of ensemble work and team spirit in its students.  In their music classes, songs of every historical age and style capture the hearts of the children, reinforcing history, social studies and literary lessons from the classroom.  Using elements of Orff and Kodaly, adding the delight of alto and soprano recorders and distinctive the sound of “Boomwhackers,” Marymount’s children celebrate many holidays with an array of musical performances.  The 4th and 5th grade choirs sing at First Communion, seasonal liturgies, assemblies, and periodically perform at the Marymount Graduation.  At the heavily attended Halloween and Spring Sing concerts, students of all ages seize the opportunity to perform publicly to the rapturous appreciation of their peers and the thunderous applause of their parents.  

Fine Arts
In the spacious and sun-filled art room, students get their hands messy while immersing themselves in creative activities that develop their skills in numerous areas such as:  spatial reasoning, innovative problem solving, critical and abstract thinking, and color theory.  Throughout the school year, students revisit the core elements of artistic composition (line, shape, color, form, texture, value, and space) and the principles of design (repetition, emphasis, contrast, unity, and balance).  Building on this foundation, they experiment with a wide variety of two and three-dimensional media in challenging and exciting multi-step art projects that encourage their unique interpretations.  Lessons incorporate strong multicultural components to foster students’ abilities to place art production within historical and cultural contexts.  As the year progresses, an exciting transformation unfolds in art students as they begin to see the world in a new way.  Exposure to the arts, gaining a positive and healthy outlet through which they are able to express themselves uniquely, cultivates self-confidence, creative risk-taking, appreciation for cultural diversity, and aesthetic awareness. 

Marymount students’ artwork is displayed in local exhibits as well as entered into local contests. Marymount students also participate in the I Madonnari, a local Italian street painting festival held at the Santa Barbara Mission in late May. The annual Marymount Art Show, which takes place at the end of the school year, displays the artistic achievements of JK-8th grade art students. 

Physical Education 
Beginning in Kindergarten, your child will be introduced to the elements of physical fitness and the skills each of us uses for a lifetime of recreation in sports, games, dance, and play. More importantly, teamwork, fair play, determination, and hard work are at the core of our character education program; and nowhere are those values more in evidence than in our physical education program.
In order to ensure your child’s proper physical development, 3rd through 5th graders continue the comprehensive physical education program begun in the primary grades. Among the sports offered are basketball, track, football, volleyball, soccer, and swimming. Marymount is also an active participant in the local independent school, interscholastic league. 

Interscholastic Athletic Program
The Marymount Interscholastic Athletic program is dedicated to the pursuit of individual and team goals, encouraging students to realize their highest potential as athletes. The program emphasizes skill development, a healthy attitude toward team competition, and good sportsmanship. In order to ensure your child’s proper physical development, Marymount continues the comprehensive physical education program begun in the primary grades through Middle School. Among the sports offered in class are tennis, basketball, track, flag football, swimming, water polo, lacrosse, volleyball, soccer, hockey, team handball, and softball. 
Marymount Athletics also creates opportunities for students to be introduced to a healthy and physical way of life after school. Marymount is an active participant in the local independent school, interscholastic league.  Most after school sports start in 4th grade and include soccer, volleyball and basketball. Track and swimming begin in 2nd grade.  By providing opportunities for students to work in team situations, the program strives to foster an understanding of the dynamics of collaborative effort and fair play.

Religious Studies
Marymount embraces the study of religious faiths and cultural traditions. We are committed to serving a diverse, interfaith student body, and we warmly welcome families of all faith traditions. As an independent school with a long standing religious tradition, Marymount embraces the philosophy that each of the students entrusted to our care is a unique individual with moral, spiritual, and ethical dimensions.  We strive to honor these traditions and educate others about them.  From junior kindergarten through the first grade, all students take part in the Heartwood Program, which focuses on character building and ethical education through the use of multicultural literature.  

Starting in the second grade and continuing to the fifth grade, families have the opportunity to place their child in a religious studies program of their choosing: Kaleidoscope World Religions Program or Catholic Studies.
Marymount has worked closely with professors from the University of California, Santa Barbara’s Religious Studies Department and with religious leaders in the community to develop the innovative Kaleidoscope World Religions Program.  Students explore various religions of the world and learn about the traditions, beliefs, ceremonies, and artifacts of these faiths, and they discover the many shared values that exist among communities around the world.

Catholic Studies is for families wanting traditional Catholic curriculum. We offer CCD for students in second through fifth grades. During this time, students partake in the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion and participate in community service.

Media Literacy & Technology
The media literacy and technology program, in collaboration with classroom teachers, specialists, and staff, aims to offer a learning environment that support exploration and discovery, improves critical thinking skills, and cultivates a love for reading.  Our goal is to empower our students to become independent, effective, and responsible users of ideas and information who are innovative leaders that create content and contribute to our global society.  Students learn to identify, locate, access, and effectively use information from a variety of print and non-print resources.  As students also develop their research and presentation skills integrating the use of technology, they are provided with 21st century learning experiences that are aligned with the International Society for Technology in Education's Standards for Students (2016). 

Moreover, in grades JK-2, students develop beginning operational skills during technology classes with a strong focus on developing mouse, typing, and word processing skills.  While working individually and with their peers, students also explore their creativity and logic with coding and programming exercises and experiences.  As students navigate the use of computers and tablets, they will also discuss basic issues related to the appropriate and responsible use of technology. 

In grades 3-5, students will continue exploring coding and programming concepts, as well as refining word processing and typing skills.  Students will also work with a variety of computer applications, conduct research assignments, and evaluate print and digital sources, while creating multimedia learning artifacts to be shared with local and global audiences.  During these experiences, students continue discussions surrounding digital ethics and responsible uses of the Internet. 

Immersed in the heart of California’s Spanish heritage, Marymount relishes the opportunity to help every child toward fluency in Spanish by graduation.  Ultimately, the goal of our Lower School Spanish program is to teach students an appreciation of Spanish culture and language using theme-related units and cultural activities. Starting in Kindergarten, students learn vocabulary and absorb the beauty of the language through an engaging variety of activities including hands-on art projects, singing and dancing, role-playing, games, and storytelling. By the elementary years, students begin to develop their writing skills along with strengthening their Spanish speaking and listening skills.  A wide variety of techniques and artifacts, including the total physical response method, conversation, dictation, video, books, magazines and menus, enrich the more traditional approaches to language acquisition.  

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