2nd Through 5th Grade
In 2nd through 5th grade, your child’s reading, writing and math skills will become increasingly refined as he or she becomes a more independent learner. Marymount prides itself on being a school that celebrates the many unique and varied ways in which our children learn. A Science and Math Specialist provides exciting opportunities to apply logic and investigative skills to the world of numbers and nature. A variety of teaching methods enable your child to become a creative thinker, problem solver, and positive member of the community. A Learning Specialist helps to provide differentiated instruction, accommodations and modifications including attention to the intellectually gifted through our Osprey Academy program. Every child treasures a portfolio of writing pieces, reviewing and reflecting on their personal and academic growth throughout their Marymount journey.

Explorations through technology, simulations, discussions, drama, and speech encourage interest in our world. Exciting field trips to local cultural and historical sites such as symphony concerts, the art and natural history museums, the Presidio and Casa de la Guerra, the botanic gardens and Santa Barbara Mission enhance and enrich the children’s academic class work. Overnight trips begin in 4th grade with an overnight on a Tall Ship, and culminate in 5th grade with Astro Camp, an exciting science camp that explores the mysteries of our universe.

In order to ensure your child’s proper physical development, Marymount continues the comprehensive physical education program begun in the primary grades. Among the sports offered are basketball, track, football, volleyball, soccer, and swimming. Marymount is also an active participant in the local independent school, interscholastic league. In addition to team athletics, the after school enrichment program further extends the children’s education, offering classes such as coding and robotics, Legos, Math Olympiad, fitness, art, cooking and drama.

By fostering respect and accountability for academic achievement, we inspire your child to reach his or her highest potential. By accepting responsibility for personal actions, valuing the dignity of others, and working to better the school community, your child will be ensured of a safe and positive learning environment.

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