In Marymount’s academic program, enthusiastic and inspiring teachers guide children through a curriculum designed to engage them in their learning. Teachers challenge students to do their best, and provide the nurturing and support they need to succeed. 

The learning is challenging, but animated by a spirit of play—Marymount’s a joyful place. In all grades, students benefit from academic innovations that have proven their worth, like the Singapore Math program, or the Lucy Calkins writers workshop. An initiative inspired by Stanford University’s brings design thinking into classrooms—including the new Center for Creative Design and Engineering—beginning as early as Kindergarten.  

Teachers explore connections between subjects—between science and history, for example, or social studies and math, or art and just about anything. Learning is hands-on, collaborative, and project-based, which brings subjects to life for students, develops social skills, and leads to deeper levels of understanding. Teachers stay attuned to teachable moments, especially when they come with opportunities to bring the outside world in. 

At Marymount we teach kids how to think, not what to think. In this way we help them develop agile minds and find a joy in learning that will stay with them throughout their lives.

“Marymount approaches education from the point of view of the child. They ask, How does the child learn best?”
-- Beth, 1st grade parent 
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