Thank you for your interest in Marymount! Like many parents, you’re probably asking yourself, How can I tell if Marymount is right for my child?

With our focus on Junior Kindergarten through 8th grade, we celebrate childhood, embrace it as the time of life when the most robust learning occurs. We let kids be kids, without the pressure to grow up too fast. We help them navigate the tricky spots. Kids feel safe to learn here, and that gives them confidence to try new things.

At Marymount we focus on the whole child. A lot of schools say that, and it can mean different things at different schools. Here it means we give equal weight to the intellectual, the social and emotional, and the ethical dimensions of a child’s development. We believe that the kind of person a child becomes is as important as the academic skills he or she learns. 

At Marymount you’ll find innovative programs in design thinking, the arts, athletics, and other areas. You’ll find a one-of-a-kind program called Kaleidoscope that explores world religions. You’ll find teachers attuned to your child’s needs, small class sizes, generous financial aid. There’s even a school trip to Iceland.

The result? Graduates who are prepared to succeed in high school. And young people who are bright, who are confident, and who care about the world around them. 

Schedule a tour
See the school in action, get your questions answered, experience us in three dimensions. To schedule a tour, contact Molly Seguel, Director of Admission, at (805) 569-1811, ext. 131, or mseguel@marymountsb.org 

 “A friend encouraged me to go to a Marymount Open House. Oh, my gosh—it was like the curtain got pulled back. Now we know what’s possible.”
-- Shelly, Kindergarten parent

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