International Students at Northwood School

Each year Northwood welcomes a diverse group of students from 14-16 countries around the world.  The presence of international students enhances the school, both inside and outside the classroom, by providing opportunities for all students to experience diverse perspectives and experiences. Life-long friendships are formed with students from around the world, and international students gain real-life experience in the United States.

Northwood offers strong support for international students, and this helps to ensure a smooth transition to life at an American boarding school. International students at Northwood are very active in every part of school life. All students at Northwood School participate in co-curricular programming, social activities, and other community offerings. During some of the shorter school breaks, international students do have the opportunity to stay on campus.

How to Apply

Applying online is the same for both international and domestic students. Students complete your application via Gateway to Prep School

•    International students must provide one form of testing from TOEFL, TOEFL Jr., SLEP, or SSAT (

•    High School Transcripts must be translated into English

•    Interviews are preferred in person, but for those unable to visit the campus students should contact the Admissions Office to schedule a Skype interview.

•    The Admissions Office begins accepting international students at the end of February via email notification.

•    Please include a copy of the photo and name page of the student passport with the application.


Transportation and Vacation Support

The Northwood School campus is closed during most school vacation periods.  Our International Student Coordinator, Laura Finnerty-Paul will work with each student to coordinate vacation plans to ensure that all students have options during school breaks.

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92 Northwood Rd
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