Lower School

The lower school academic program at Stratford Friends builds on students’ strengths, enabling them to gain confidence as they take on and overcome learning challenges. Engaging and multisensory, the lower school program takes students from where they are and provides them with the tools they need to learn and grow. Students gain a sense of accomplishment as they experience success, often for the first time academically.

Saxon Math

SFS students are building a solid foundation in essential math skills through Saxon Math, a research-based, multi-sensory program for K-12 students. Saxon Math uses an incremental approach to learning. Complex concepts are broken down into smaller chunks making it easier for students to learn. Each increment builds on earlier increments, leading students to a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. Instruction, practice and assessment are distributed and cumulative, rather than clustered in a single chapter or unit. As students encounter new concepts, they are continually reviewing previously introduced material, helping them develop mastery and automaticity.

Making Math Real®

This is an innovative, research-based program that integrates key cognitive development such as symbol imaging, detail analysis, and sequence processing within every lesson. Instruction is delivered through three processing modalities: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic-motoric.


At Stratford Friends, the natural joy of making music is key to developing students' life-long love of music while helping to support their academic goals. In addition to music class and community sing-a-longs, all students participate in concerts and Yellow Team and Middle School students are invited to join chorus.


Our art program focuses on developing the student's unique creativity and self-expression through the exploration of art materials and themes. Students draw, paint, sculpt and work with ceramics, collage and a variety of digital arts. Art class is a place where students explore and develop their own creative expression while beginning to explore the many different roles art takes in our everyday lives.


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