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Mrs. Ruiz, 3rd Grade honored for Red Cross efforts

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

For the twentieth year in a row, St. George’s third grade class coordinated a two-mile walk-a-thon through Audubon Park to benefit the American Red Cross. However, this year was a little bit more special because third grade teacher, Mrs. Sutton Ruiz, was honored by the local chapter of the Red Cross with an award for her continuous efforts throughout the years.

In the 20 years that the third grade class has participated in their annual walk-a-thon, they have raised an impressive $60,000, with all funds remaining close to home to support local Red Cross efforts. Each year, the project offers valuable lessons as students work closely with their teachers to plan and execute event logistics, design the event t-shirt, solicit donations, and complete and tally their own pledge sheets. Once funds are collected, the class invites a local Red Cross representative to visit campus for a special check presentation.

This year’s event raised more than $3,700 for Red Cross which provides disaster relief, emergency services, healthcare and education. The event also has the support of the Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation, which underwrites expenses through a service-learning grant.

Third grade teacher, Sutton Ruiz, who launched the project with a former co-teacher, was presented with a special award from the local chapter of the Red Cross during this year’s check presentation.
“I love continuing this amazing community service project with my third grade class. The Red Cross has been so appreciative and wonderful with our students,” explained Mrs. Ruiz.

The Louisiana Region of the Red Cross serves the 4.65 million residents in the 64-parish state, while supporting other across the country and around the world, Volunteers share their expertise on disaster relief operations out of state, and donors provide relief where it’s needed most.

Way to go third grade!
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