Simply put, design thinking is a creative way of approaching problems. It moves through stages—define the problem, ask good questions, consider options, try them out, choose what works best. It’s collaborative, on the theory that many minds working together are better than one working alone. And it’s effective. The idea has grown from places like Stanford University’s and has spread to the worlds of science and technology and industry. 

We think it’s perfect for kids. It taps their abundant creative energies, and develops social skills as they learn to work together. Learning is hands-on, engaging, and fun. 

Lower School kids use design thinking to create roller coasters that test physical properties of objects, or to figure out how food gets from farm to table and then create a unique lunch menu for the entire school. Middle School students design and 3D print board games that teach science concepts to pediatric cancer patients, or create objects for an astronaut to use on Mars. These projects connect design with empathy—students put themselves in someone else’s shoes and problem-solve with that person’s needs in mind. 

The Center for Creative Design and Engineering 
A big part of design thinking involves using tools to solve problems, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better place to learn to use tools than Marymount’s Creative Design and Engineering Center, or CDEC. Those tools might be laser cutters and circuit boards and 3D printers, or they might be drills and saws and glue guns. CDEC is a flexible space designed with creative collaboration in mind.

We teach design thinking and developed CDEC because we think creativity matters, and not just in art class. Creativity is an important part of being human, and it’s essential to human achievement. 

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