The Extended Day Program offers children a safe, supervised, and stimulating environment every weekday afternoon from dismissal until 5:30 p.m. If a family elects to have their child attend the Extended Day Program for supervised play, homework assistance, or library use, there is an hourly fee. Tutoring and enrichment classes follow different fee schedules.

Parents attending a committee meeting or a parent-teacher conference after school may avail themselves of the Extended Day Program without charge through prior arrangement with the staff.

There are five components of the Extended Day Program:
• supervised play 
• library for independent completion of homework
• reading or research
• enrichment classes and activities
• after school tutoring

•supervised play

•library for independent completion of homework

•reading or research

•enrichment classes and activities
   •after school tutoring (individual or group)
supervised play

library for independent completion of homework

reading or research

enrichment classes and activities

after school tutoring (individual or group)

Supervised Play
In Supervised Play the students are encouraged to participate in outdoor games under the supervision of our Extended Day staff. When evening begins to fall, or in inclement weather, or if play space is in use, students will be escorted to the Extended Day classroom for creative arts and crafts, puzzles, Legos and indoor games. A healthy snack is served daily.

The Library
The Library is available from 3:30-4:30 (Monday - Thursday) to children who enjoy quiet reading or who are confident in completing their homework assignments independently. Computers are available for word processing or research. A supervising teacher is always available to assist students in choosing books for assignments or for pleasure reading. When the library closes at 4:30, children join the Extended Day staff in the supervised play area.

Enrichment Classes & Activities
The Extended Day Program also offers opportunities for children to extend their interests and talents in a variety of enrichment classes. Activities such as art,, coding and robotics, Legos, Math Olympiad, fitness,, cooking and drama will punctuate the year, providing new and stimulating platforms for children to develop their confidence, build self-esteem, master new skills, and make new friends. Marymount offers enrichment programs after school in 10 - 12 week sessions throughout the year.

Some parents choose to employ private tutors to reinforce skills. One-on-one tutoring provided by Marymount teachers may take place on or off campus, for a fee to be determined between the tutor and the family.

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