Marymount of Santa Barbara is not affiliated with any church. We don’t advocate for any religious path. But given the importance of religion in today’s world, we do think it’s important for children to learn about the world’s faith traditions. 

The Lower School Kaleidoscope program and the Comparative Religions program in the Middle School give children the opportunity—as the word kaleidoscope suggests—to look at religion through different lenses. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism—we explore them all, and make frequent trips to see the places where they’re practiced and hear from the people who practice them. And if a student shows interest in another faith tradition, we’ll explore that one, too.

These programs teach students about difference, but maybe more importantly they help students understand all that they share in common with those whose approach to spirituality may differ from their own. We give students a vehicle for thinking about their own beliefs, which contributes to the moral groundedness that’s so characteristic of a Marymount education. 

“Our kids meet Muslims and the Imam at the Islamic Center and come away saying, ‘They’re just like us.’ It shows the fundamental humanity that connects us all.”
-- Kate Tannous, Middle School Division Head

“We’d been searching for the ‘character’ thing for our daughter. It’s unbelievable at Marymount.”
-- Nick, 5th grade parent

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