What sets us apart? Values and ideas and programs and people and opportunities like these:

• Placing equal value on the intellectual, social and emotional, and ethical dimensions of learning, to prepare bright, confident, and caring young people for the next stage of their lives.

• A celebration of childhood – Our singular focus is childhood—from age 4 through Middle School. We let kids be kids. We’re advocates with their best interests at heart.

• Kaleidoscope and World Religions – Students explore the remarkable diversity of the world’s faith traditions and have the space to talk about topics like faith, spirituality, and morality. 

• CDEC – In our Center for Creative Design and Engineering, students apply the principles of design thinking as they learn to solve problems in creative ways.

• Our teachers – You won’t find more creative, more enthusiastic, more inspiring, or more caring educators anywhere.

• Service Brigade – Snow-cone sales for hurricane relief. Food drives for the hungry. Service Brigade is a student elective that takes the lead on community service, and helps connect classroom learning to the wider world.

"Children learn when they feel safe. Our supportive classroom environments allow students to take risks, experience failure, and challenge themselves to grow."
-- Andrea Torchin, Lower School Division Head

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2130 Mission Ridge Road | Santa Barbara, CA 93103
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